pioneering approach to research

well-refined reseach design
for creative problem solving

Frekans provides world-class marketing and social research services for multinational corporations, local organisations, universities, and NGOs. As an innovative organisation, Frekans offers tailor made solutions, utilising up to 400 interviewers across Turkey.

Get ahead…

Our market research enhances corporate strategies. Our social research contributes to social policies. Get ahead of the competition with effective findings.

Our customers base their crucial decisions on the data we provide them. To date, our social and marketing research findings have influenced public authorities for social policies and organisations for their corporate strategies. We understand the impact of our research and we are proudly committed to the industry standards.

Our Experience

With over 25 years experience, we are pioneers in market and social research.

Our Projects

750+ market and social research projects that have influenced and shaped the industry.

Our Offices

400+ interviewers in 21 offices throughout Turkey with an easy access to all 81 cities in the country.

Market Research

We work with international research organisations to provide a comprehensive service. Our market research is cost effective and high quality, allowing you to make the right choice for your brand.

Social Research

Complex decisions require robust solutions and our experts are able to find the right answers. As the largest data collection firm in Turkey we have exclusive access that would give you the edge.

Our Quality Assurance

We are proudly committed to the ethical codes of:

World association for market, social and opinion research

Turkish Research Association

Trustworthy Research Certificate

ISO 20252
International Standards Organization research standards